Your d‪écolletage is one of the first and the sexiest places in your body. Thus it is as important to take care of this area as we take care of our face, neck, hands, and feet. There are a few tips that you can include in your day in order to look even more sexier. These tips are as under:

1. Cleanse

Use a body wash rich in amino acids. It helps to remove toxins from the skin and reduces inflammation.

2. Exfoliate

Even if you use a cleanser, it is important that you exfoliate your body at least once a week. Exfoliation helps to make your skin ready to absorb more moisture and remain healthy.

3. Firm

Always apply firm serum when you are out of the shower. Massage in a circular motion is beginning from the center of your chest and out towards your shoulders. You can also use firmer from the base of the neck up to your chin. These serums are very effective in firming the skin and thus reduce the signs of aging which are prominent through the loose and wrinkled skin.

4. Use moisturizer

Use a moisturizer which has a firming cream as well as sunscreen added to it. They are denser than normal face creams. You get the best results if you warm that cream on your palm before application. Always apply the cream in an upward direction that is from chest to chin, from the jawline and up to the back of your years. This is a very famous technique that not only will moisturize your skin but will also help in tightening it.

5. Protect

Why do we always focus on the face? Experts reveal that many people forget to apply sunscreen on their neck. It is always recommended to use the sunscreen 30 minutes before you go out in the sun.

6. Shine

When you need instant shine on your skin, you can use body oil. It will give you a radiant look without making your face too greasy.

7. Bronze

You can get a sexy look by toning your chest area using a bronze or golden toner. Use this color all over your chest and neck area. It will give your skin a glowing look and will help to hide any imperfections.

8. Remove

Always keep an exfoliating pad to get rid of the makeup after the day. It’s very necessary to let your skin breath and make it more healthy. Use a saturated towel to wipe your face, neck, and chest. Use this towel at your back as well until the towel feels dry.

9. Repair

Use the firming serum to massage in a circular motion as you did in the morning. It repairs the skin as well as it has anti-aging properties that help to treat wrinkles and loose skin. Night time is the time when your skin can finally relax and breath. This is the time you can use to restore your skin.

10. Examination

Like it is important to take care of the skin, it is equally important to take care of the breasts. Women should regularly examine themselves at least once a month. They should consult a doctor if they find any guilty or something serious.


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