The night is for sleeping and day for work. A good sleep of six to eight hours is helpful for proper working during next day. Sleeping lesser than this can cause diseases such as heart attack, cancer, type two diabetes, strokes and thus lessen our lives. Moreover, you cannot cover up for the loss of sleeping hours of the night during the day or weekends.

There are different factors responsible for depriving us of good sleep at night: sometimes it might be depression, kids, any other illness, some family problems or some financial issues. Sometimes you are married to one who has a habit of working late night. Some people wake late night for enjoying late night meals with the spouse. Whatever might be the reason of sleeping less at night all it will do is decrease your productivity the next day.

Following are some ways helping to get good sleep:

1) Schedule sleeping and waking time

We need to set the timetable of our sleeping and wake up time as well. It is better to sleep early and wake up early rather sleeping late and waking up late to complete sleep cycle. We can use ear plugs eye mask to sleep at an exact time.

2) Sleeping without breaks

One very important step in good sleeping is that we should sleep continuously without any breaks. It means we need to sleep continuously for six hours at one time rather completing six hours in small intervals of two or three hours sleep. Thus “fragmented sleep” needs to stop.

3) Say no to caffeine late night

Taking caffeine can disturb our sleep cycle. If we take a cup of caffeine half of it will remain in our body even after six hours. For instance, if we take a cup of coffee at seven o clock in the night to keep us awake till 10 in the night. But as coffee will be in our blood it will keep us awake till late, and we won’t be active in the day because of sleeping late. To cater for it, we will take another cup, so when scheduled sleeping time comes we would be unable to sleep because of the caffeine still present in our body

4) Schedule alcohol intake.

Researchers believe we should not take alcohol three hours before sleeping. Although it helps to sleep, but, sleep is disturbed means you do not get a continuous sleep rather wake up almost every ninety minutes.

5) Do not exercise three hours before bedtime

Exercise raises body temperature. A good sleep requires dropping the temperature. Therefore we should keep a check on exercise time.

6) Set the room temperature

The ideal room temperature is 65 Fahrenheit for good sleep. Too low-temperature stops body from relaxing and too high temperature induce nightmares breaking our continuous sleep time.

7) Lights

Either switch off or dim the lights to put you in a sound sleep.

8) Avoid electronics usage

All electronic items should be kept aside before sleeping time. Electronics such as iPads, mobiles, TV distract us from sleeping

9) Book reading

Reading really helps us to fall sleep quickly. A reading of almost half an hour before sleep time can really prove beneficial for sound sleep.


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